Simple Shower Centerpiece

Recently, my step-sis Steff had her bridal shower where I was in charge of decorations. The theme was citrus with pink and orange (her colors). I knew I wanted to do a large vase with fruit and tall flowers sticking out, but I hit the Internet to find a visual. The main resources I used was a site from iVillage about a full citrus themed bridal shower.

Both vases were pretty easy to assemble. For instructions, see below:

Tall Vase Centerpiece
1 tall & narrow rectangular vase
1 dozen citrus fruit (oranges & lemons0
3 silk or real gladiolas
3 silk or real Gerber daisies

Cut fruit in half. Place flowers in vase and while you hold them up, place fruit pieces, flat side out, in vase to cover as much of the flower stems as possible. Alternate oranges and lemons. If necessary, cut fruit halves into thinner slices to fit in vase.

Small Centerpiece
2 short hurricane shape vases
Lemon or Orange pieces (take from dozen above)
1 block of floral foam for silk flowers
4-5 silk Gerber daisies
2 taper candles (height depending on preference)

Cut thin fruit slices. Cut floral foam in thin rectangle small enough to fit in vase and large enough for candle and flowers to stick into. With foam in place, slide fruit pieces in place. Slide cut Gerber daisy stems into foam and finish with candle in the center.

Both centerpieces were easy to assemble and took care of the rest of the decorations. You don't need much else. Even though the picture below is dark, you can still see the effect.

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