Email scammers stop beating around the bush

Last summer, when I posted my tutoring services on Craigslist, I received a few scam emails from men looking for tutoring for their child who was going to be in the states for the summer. The scam involved paying upfront with a money order for 3 months of tutoring after I sent a fee to process it. You can see where this was going.

Well, this morning I had another email from another check scammer. This time, there was no tutoring opportunity to hide behind. Instead, the emailer was up front with the fraud. I really had to laugh at the message:

My Friend.

I have deposited the cheque with Oceanic Bank,to process it into ATM CARD for you. Arrangement for processing your cheque of $1,500.000.00 into ATM card will be made on your contact with ATM DEPARTMENT. contact Mrs Chi Chi . EMAIL:

( Phone +229-9728-0821 Send your contacts to enable him process your Master card fast. Note It was agreed that you will send to them $175 Only for the processing of your ATM card. RGDS.

Mr Paul

I love how he is responding to "my request" after I "agreed" to send money for an ATM card. How easy it is to obtain 1.5 million dollars! Who needs the lottery!

These scams are prevalent with Craigslist postings and usually request that you send money in order to obtain a money order or an ATM card.

Be careful not to fall for it either. This man actually spent some time in jail after being a victim of a Craigslist check fraud scam.

Here is some more information about signs that you're being scammed.

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Anonymous said... - it is a scam. The apartment is still available. As I said also in my ad, the apt. is located on 375 South End Avenue New York, NY 10280.

Beware. Don't send money using western union or money gram.

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