Repost: A Very Baby Christmas (2008 edition)

***Got a mom-to-be to shop for this holiday? Read my post from Christmas 2007 about the goodies that I got.***

Two Christmases ago I got wedding stuff. This Christmas I got baby stuff! If you are shopping for a new mom-t0-be and don't know what to get her, check out these fabulous ideas:

Vera Bradley Microfiber Baby Bag( in brown)
: Includes a changing pad and a laminated interior. A baby bag that doesn't scream "baby on board!"

Shopping Cart Covers: Since shopping carts have been found to be dirtier than public toilets, no new mom should be without one of these. I got a Winnie-the-Pooh toile but there are many fabrics to choose from. All covers are hand-made and comes with a mini pillow for the little peanut to rest while you shop (you wish!).

Mother's Love Pendant: Straight from the James Avery jewelry company in TX, the Mother's Love pendant represents mom and baby in a loving embrace.

Belly Smooches Cream: Voted as "Parent's Pick" on Prevent stretch marks with this pregnancy approved body cream. Use it on your belly, hips, thighs, etc. The cream smells refreshing and is not gooey or sticky. (If you are shopping on your own and don't want to spend the money on this, cocoa butter is always a good backup)

Cucumber Tea Eye Gel: Use this for an invigorating eye lift in the morning. Reduces puffiness and safe during pregnancy. A best seller on the BabyCenter site.

Tracy Mallet: 3-in-1 Pregnancy System: Using yoga, pilates, and strength methods, Tracy leads pregnant woman in any stage (first-third trimester and post) through a relaxing workout. It helps that she is rather pregnant in the video as well. The 4th part of the video is a great way to get the hubby in the mix as she uses her husband (a physical therapist) to lead her through some stretches. Yoga and Pilates moves are helpful in prepping the body for birth.

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