Braunschweiger Jewelers to the Rescue!

My mother's home away from home, Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown, recently posted video on of not 1 but 2 robberies that they were able to stop due to quick thinking and brave company employees.

The first robbery, in October, involved a man who tried to get away with $66,000 worth of Rolex watches. But as you can see by the video, he didn't get very far!
The 2nd robbery, in November, involved a man who got in a tug-of-war fight with the salesperson while he tried to get away with diamond earrings. He dropped everything on his way out the door.

Word got out to the various media outlets of the robbery, assuming they were happening at that moment, and swarms of news vans headed to the scene. One TV guy decided that since all was good, he would have some jewelry cleaned!

Thankfully, neither man had a weapon on them, but all employees said that although that came to mind it didn't stop them from fighting back.

Great job! I knew there was a reason why my mother loved this addition to their David Yurman collection!

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