What are safe toys for christmas?

With all of the toy recalls this year, it begs the question: What can I get for a child this year?

Rob and I will start shopping for our nieces and nephew soon. Last year I got them cute outfit ensembles at Pebbles (which are always safe), but we can't stick to clothing every year. But what can we get them?

An ezinearticles.com posts tips while shopping the top toys that are safe this year. To test the safety of the toys, do some of the following:

  • Twist any attached features of the toy to make sure they are secure
  • Either check that painted toys are not lead-based or try to buy American.
  • Obviously, you want to buy non-toxic finger paints or crayons
  • Check inside a box for any unattached items that might easily be consumed.
  • Check for an "off" switch on noise-maker toys
Listed below are some of the top toys for children this year:

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Anonymous said...

With all of the scary toy recalls here is another option for parents:

I am a mom and pop, small, and just starting out educational toy/kit company. I was a teacher for 15 years and now an educational consultant who decided there has to be a way so every child will have a great start. I work with many early childhood daycares and K-12 School Districts to develop their teacher’s skills and find it exasperating at times at the lack of wanting to improve their knowledge. Hence, I started my own line of kits and books.

My web site is www.loving2learn.com and my goal is that EVERY child will always explore and love to learn.

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