A tart treat: Lifesavers Fruit Tarts

In order to give my jaw a rest, I stopped chewing my FAVORITE gum (Orbit Sweet Mint). In the meantime, I discovered a pretty decent TEMPORARY replacement.

The Lifesavers brand has put out fruit tarts in cool metallic tins offering two flavor varieties: the purple tin is Grape Berry - Green Apple - Strawberry Watermelon and the orange tin is Watermelon, Cherry Lemonade, Mandarin Orange. I've only tried the purple tin. Oh Yeah, they are tart...very tart! My guess is that the orange tin might be even stronger because of the Lemonade and Orange flavors. One disclaimer: If you accidentally swallow too much of the juices that form in your mouth, it burns a bit. However, I keep going back for more! The tin is is easy to open and even gives you instruction under the lid. Press the middle to open and press the sides to close. Simple enough. You can find these tart treats in any supermarket or CVS type establishment.

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