A visit to the city within the city

For Rob's bday last week, we went up to New York in the blazing humidity to continue his celebration. Having just seen the Bourne Ultimatum, we made one of our destinations Tudor City (I won't give anything away by saying that they filmed a scene there). I have never heard of it and rarely venture over to the middle-east side, but it is quickly becoming my favorite.

Here's a little history on Tudor City before I get to my day-by-photo tour (info from Wikipedia).

  • "Tudor City" takes it's name from England's Tudor Dynasty (1485-1603) a Golden Age of Arts and Letters.
  • In the 1920s, the complex was built to bring in middle-class residents who had begun leaving the city for the outer boroughs and suburbs
  • Includes a U.S. Post Office, hotel, grocery store, haircutting salon, laundry, and restaurant in addition to three garden parks and a children's playground.
  • Located directly across First Avenue from the United Nations Headquarters
  • The UN was built to replace a slaughterhouse that was demolished in the 40's.
  • In 1988, the complex was named as a historic district and is perhaps most famous for its TUDOR CITY sign overlooking 42nd Street.
Our day started with a ferry ride out of Weehawken's new Port Imperial. From our slip, we could see 2 Norwegian Cruise Line ships waiting to depart. One of them was the Spirit, the boat we took on our Honeymoon!

One of the nice things about taking the ferry is the unlimited bus service around the city. We hopped on the 5th avenue bus so we could make a stop at Brooks Brothers. We actually went to the flagship on 44th and Madison. Wow, was that store huge! Seven floors! The saleswomen couldn't have been more helpful to us.

After Brooks Brothers, we cut through Grand Central Station. I love the architecture. My camera doesn't really capture it that well though.

Next was Tudor City. You can tell you're getting to a nice area of the city when you start to see trees and potted flowers. The main restaurant is L'Impero and although it's covered in scaffolding, it has a great outdoor ambiance. Reminiscent of an Italian cafe (not that I've been to Italy or anything).

After our tour of Tudor City, we went on a hunt for a dinner spot. We ended up eating at one of my favorite Indian restaurants Bukhara Grill, which is on E 49th between 2nd and 3rd (on the same street as Smith and Wollensky). They opened and express place up in Parsippany as well. Now, I wouldn't say it's the best Indian restaurant ( my favorite is still Passage to India in Lawrenceville), but I think the food and ambiance combined keeps me going back.

After our relatively early dinner, we took a really quick cab ride up to Central Park to walk around and look for ice cream. Though we did not find an ice cream shop, the streets were lined with ice cream trucks. We also saw the coolest Apple Store facade ever! Right in front of FAO on 5th Ave, was a glass cube with the Apple floating and people cascading downstairs. How cool is that! The Plaza Hotel was still under scaffolding, but they were advertising the luxury condos for just a mere 1.5 million! On our way back downtown, we passed a gourmet deli shop that we had been to last year. I took a picture of the name so we could remember it for next time. It's called the Manhattan Gourmet Deli and I think it was on E. 57th St. but can't find it online anywhere.We also passed by the Laila Rowe store. The night before I was looking on their site for store locations and figured that I wouldn't find one especially since we go to the city so seldom. But there we were right in front of it! SO I had to go in, but I resisted the urge and didn't buy anything. I'm in penny pinching mode now!

The last stop on our tour of the city was Bryant Park. What a perfect night for rest and relaxation. The movie screen was set up for their Summer Film Festival as well as Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series. The Bryant Park Grill is situated behind the NY Library with a cafe/bar adjacent to it. We took a load off at the bar. I sipped a lovely champagne and enjoyed the scenery. And by 9ish, it was time time to head back to the Port.

Alas, we made it back to the ferry and back home. But here is one of my favorite shots of the night: the evening city skyline. It was a great bday day!

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Maria & Stefano said...

Oh it sounds like you guys had a blast!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!!


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