Mom's Menu: Pork Chops with Sweet Potato & Squash

Boneless Pork Chops

  1. In plastic bag put some chopped garlic from a jar, about 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce, pepper & some orange jam(or any kind of fruit jam or jelly)
  2. Mix all together & add chops.
  3. Marinate in refrig for several hours, turning the bag a few times. I have a new ridged grill pan.
  4. Heat it until the sides are hot then spray with Pam.
  5. Put in the chops & cook a few minutes on each side until done. They are thin

Sweet Potato
  1. Peel one large potato & cut into slices like fries.
  2. Put on foil-lined baking pan( I used the toaster oven,) Sprinkle with some olive oil - or spray with Pam - and add salt, pepper, basil or some other herb.
  3. Bake at 400 for 30 min.


One green squash-thinly sliced
One small onion or a half of one
One clove garlic

  1. Chop garlic fine & saute in about 1 T of olive oil.
  2. Add thinly sliced onion & then then squash with some salt & pepper.
  3. Cook until it is soft & browning. I covered the pan to do this., I then added some freshly chopped parsley & a sprinkle of Parmesan. You could add any herb.

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