Keyword Searching with a Colon

I've taught keyword searching in the past, but I never knew about using a colon to narrow down fields. When I checked my MyBlogLog stats, I saw this Google search: click here: traditional afternoon tea : : menu : : the upper crust || morris county

I did some additional Google searching for the use of colons in keyword searching and this is what I learned:

  • Colons allow you to search for specific fields in a site (like doing a database query)
  • You can either type the field name ("click here") or the first letter of the field ("a" for author, "t" for title)
  • If you're looking for a specific URL but you don't know the full address, type URL:keyword
  • If you want to see if your own blog or website has been linked from someone else, type link:yourURL
Some of the uses of the colon (:) is only effective with library catalogs and databases, but try it out the next time you need to be extremely specific and you don't feel like combing through a vast link forest.

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