Hidden North Jersey Gem: Westfield

I drove up to the Short Hills Mall yesterday to purchase a new Apple laptop (the store is closed for renovation until Aug 3 but I of course did not know that), but instead of driving all the way up to the exit for Rt 78 off the Parkway, I decided to take a longer way off exit 135 for Westfield.

I've always known that Westfield was a cute and trendy town: historic houses and town center & trendy shops and restaurants. I've just never been there. I didn't get out of the car and stroll through town, so you'll have to go by my photos and Internet research on the town. What drew me to go through Westfield was that I always remember seeing signs pointing toward Westfield as I took exit 7C off Rt 24 to go to the Short Hills Mall. This was when I lived in Morris Plains up through high school.

More about Westfield, here are some facts about this lovely "gem" of a town:

If you're looking for a nice day trip through a North Jersey town, try out Westfield. It has about 50 + store and restaurants to choose from and is a quaint safe place to be. I'll have to get out of my car next time and really explore.

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