Growing a Green Thumb

I started working on my front patch of landscape this summer (though it was too late to see some real blooming) and it's taking a nice form into something marketable someday.

Yesterday, I converted the bird bath that was not being used into another planter for some new magenta petunias.

I also discovered a great looking Perennial that looked like oversized kale, but I think it is actually Coleus. Please correct me if I am wrong. I already have 3 Hydrangea plants: 1 donated from my mother's backyard and the other 2 from Lowe's. But, I am too late for flowering season and will have to wait until next spring to see them bloom. On a positive note, after laying down some more nutrient rich soil, the hydrangea from my mom is now sprouting some bright healthy leaves.

I still have a ways to go until I am happy with the front, but it looks much better than it did. And the black mulch adds a crisp landscaped look. I just need to ask my neighbors if they care if I spread the mulch across both our plots. It's a little more obvious now where the property line is! Either way, when it comes time for us to move out, I'll feel confident that potential buyers will be pleased with the exterior of the place.


CreditGardener said...

You are well done! I like flowers and grow them myself in my small garden. I also have hydrangea and have to say it's a magic plant because it effervesces my spirit.

Tyson said...

I feel agriculturallly challenged. Even a cactus died in my appartment!

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