A break from blogging

This past week or so I've let up on the daily blogging. Partly because we are switching from Verizon to the Comcast Triple Play and haven't had Internet for a few days (I am at the library now on my new laptop). I've also had a less than exciting few weeks giving me even less to blog about.

Rob and I are in major money saving mode right now. Since I am not working full-time in the fall and have yet to pick up tutoring clients, our savings are in top priority right now. Normally, I'd be out and about, scoping out new places to eat and widow shopping. But all of that is too hard, especially when I can't spend the money. I am hoping that once school is back in session, parents will also want to get a jump-start on their children's success and give me a call! I'm also at work thinking of low cost ways to advertise my tutoring services.

I have put business cards up at whatever supermarkets allow it. I have been in touch with the private school heads in the Princeton area. I have an ad in St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church bulletin in Princeton. I even sent out 15 flyers to random professionals in the area: Lawyers, realtors, wedding planners, CPAs, etc. My next step is Direct Mailing. I know you have to spend money to make money, but I'm hesitant to dish out $300 for mailing addresses. However, the benefit of direct mailing is exactly what it sounds like. I can send flyers directly to the homes of families with students in the age range I want to work with. If I were to use this service, I can send out a flyer when the first round of grades go out and then again at the holiday break. Private schools get 2 weeks off and you know parents want to keep their kids busy, especially if grades are low. I definitely have my work cut out for me. I just hope it's not gong to be as hard as what it seems now. I hope that once the school year starts, I will start to get calls. I realize that's a passive approach, but it's one way. Another way is networking, which unfortunately, require more money.

My husband belongs to an international networking group called BNI (Business Networking International). It's actually THE largest networking organization in the world. There are numerous groups here in the Princeton area and there are a plethora of professionals who are members: lawyers, accountants, insurance reps, realtors, painters, electricians, chiropractors, etc). I have visited with Rob a few times and tried out a soon to be chartered group based out of Robbinsville. The group has many benefits and is a great way to pass your business around. Our chiropractor, Allison Scharf, is a fellow member. I can definitely get a lot out of joining, but the only problem now is the money. All groups have a member fee and right now, I need to save my money. Maybe in a few months, if business is building. But if you are someone who can afford the opportunity, look into at least visiting a chapter in your area. Networking never hurt anyone.

In addition to networking myself, I'm also busy working on ways to network my husband. Call it PR practice. He's trying to market his specialty: Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts. With my 2 semesters of "Writing for the Media" at Rider, I have some tools to help him with press releases, brochures, and the like. In addition to working for Rob and I am also busy planning events for the Bucknell Club and doing volunteer research for the Morven Museum 4th of July party in 2008. I have a lot of my plate, but very little movement at the moment. Summers are definitely slow, but I'm trying to get moving on my new career and waiting is not my forte.

So, going back to my original point of the post. Since I am in budget mode right now, my posts will have to take a little break. My ideal situation would be that I get a part-time job blogging for a local publication where I have to shop or eat or whatnot and then get reimbursed for my services. That would be great! So hey, if you're reading this and can help me out...pass me along! Hook me up! Or just wish me luck!

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