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If you are a mom living in or near the Jersey Shore, you'll find Jerseymoms.com useful for everyday tips, family events, photo galleries or just plan old advice.

This site is powered by the Asbury Park Press and is a community of moms. It's fully interactive with forums and a sumbit-your-own photo gallery. Some of the top topics for today include: Allergies & Asthma, Bargains & Deals, Doctors, Middle & High School, Playgrounds, Personal Stories, and Working. You can view some recent posts from the members as well. In addition, you can click on a live calendar to view local events for the day, week, or month. You can really find just about anything you would on a NJ.com or Asbury Park Press site. But, if you like talking to other people and getting advice, this is the site for you. Check it out even if you are a mom-to-be or even a teacher. I will read parenting magazines from time-to-time to see what the experts say about the different age levels.

For another mom community, check out Clubmom.com which was started by Andrew Shue (yes, Billy from Melrose Place)

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