Josh Groban!

On Tuesday night, my friend Karen and I went to see Josh Groban at Continental Airlines Arena. I've loved him since his Closer album and just find him so gorgeous in many ways. His voice is astounding and his musical talent is endless (piano and drums). He opened with You Are Loved and closed with a 3rd encore playing a new song that he recently wrote. He was actually really funny too! He just seemed to alternate between funny guy and classical opera-pop voaclist in a snap. He also shook hands with people in the front rows. He defiitely takes the risk with having little security, but we love him for loving the fans.

Stupidly, I left my camera in my car and did not get any images or video, but when I figure out how to upload my camera vids online, I'll post them to view. So, in place of my pics and vids, I made a layout in InDesign as a lesson for my computer camp.

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