The best marriage of carbonation and water

If you are trying to fit in your 15 gallons of water daily and need a burst of flavor and bubbles, then you have got to try Aquafina Sparkling! Aquafina was quickly becoming my favorite bottled water company and when they came out with the sparkling brand, I was so excited! I am a fan of the Berry Burst and prefer it to the Raspberry FlavorSplash because of the stronger taste (yes I am a sweetener junkie). I also like their silver label..catchy packaging.
Some sites will call this the newest diet soda. Technically, that's true since Seltzer water is considered soda.

I have yet to try the citrus flavors of any water, but I have read that the taste is not as artificial as the Berry Burst. And if that is your preference, have a go. If you are looking for some vitamins with your water, try the Aquafina ALIVE. I get the Pomegranate every week, but they also carry Orange/Lime and Peach/Mango.

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Maria & Stefano said...

I gotta try it... I surely need some energy these us spread the word about the tix:)


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