Get your man/dad/husband to wear [girlie] colors

If the man in your life is like my husband and gets squeamish around so-called girlie colors, there is a way to transition them into being comfortable donning brighter and usually more complimentary threads.

I have been slowly educating my husband on the mother of all girlie colors: pink and purple! He is fine wearing brights in yellow, orange, and green, but was steering clear of the 2 p's. It wasn't enough to tell him that my step-father, who Rob resembles in many ways, has pink and purple dress shirts and still looks manly!

So, if you are in the same position, and you want to try color out on your man without being forceful and aggressive, start with a tie. My first tool for transition was with the Tommy Hilfiger ties. They provide an assortment of colors, including the 2 p's, but are still very masculine. And go ahead and buy a few...if you buy them from Marshalls. You can usually find the Tommy Hilfiger tie for about $9.99 there. And best of all, Rob loved them. And even though, the women in his office KNEW I picked the pink one for him, he still likes to wear it.

In addition to the Tommy ties, I included Jones New York, also available at Marshalls. I bought Rob 2 of the Economist Dot Silk ties-1 in orange and 1 in purple. Orange has actually become one of his faves, but he will wear the purple on occasion. Regardless of when he wears them , the fact is that he is wearing more color and it is only a matter of time before he wears these colors as a shirt...

Speaking of color shirts, I felt I had achieved a small victory when Rob received a Brooks Brothers shirt from his father and wouldn't you know, it was white with MAGENTA checks. MAGENTA! And it was one of the best looking shirts I had seen him in and he liked it too! Way to go Rob's Dad! And ladies, if you want to get your man into color, Brooks Brothers has lots of them!

MORAL OF THE STORY: If you want your man/dad/husband to be more comfortable wearing the girlie colors, start him off with a tie from Marshalls and work your way up to a shirt.


Jarid said...

FYI, it looks like Brooks Brothers is currently having a sale on these shirts and they're 3 for $149 until July 1: Non-Iron Sport Shirts

Mrs Mo said...

Thank you! I did see that.

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