Wine Tasting Wrap-Up

On May 20th, I held a Bucknell Club of Princeton event for 2 good purposes: wine tasting and mingling. I'm always looking for easy, low cost ways to bring alumni together. One evening, as I was strolling into the Lawrenceville Shop Rite, I found a business card for the Traveling Vineyard and knew I had my next event.

The Traveling Vineyard is exactly what it sounds like: Wine tasting that comes to you. Just like a Tupperware or a jewelery party, the wine consultant brings an assortment of wine and wine accessories to the party. Attendants learn the history of the wine, how to drink it to appreciate it, and the best food pairings. At the end of the party, you have the option to order the wine and any products from the company catalog. The wine is either delivered to you or to the party host. And...depending on how much is purchased, the host gets a discount! Here's a wrap-up of my party. **I'm no wine expert. I wouldn't rely solely on my impressions of the wine. I was brought up on White Zin and now my favorite is Riesling. I am a sweet wine drinker and the others have been growing on my taste buds.

Host name: Penni Kiefer

Wine 1: Mira Luna '05(Chardonnay)
Price: $17.99
Would I Buy It: Yes
Comments: Though it stings a bit (high oak flavor I think), it is fresh and a good pairing with vegetables.

Wine 2: Paradis Cask Reserve '02 (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Price: $15.99
Would I Buy It: Yes
Comments: I'm not a red wine lover. I prefer subtle and soft. This red is nice and smooth. Mellow.

Wine 3: Paseo Reserve '04 (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Price: $11.99
Would I Buy It: No (but Yes if I was having a party)
Comments: This one was actually a big hit among the seasoned red wine drinkers. Of course, I didn't like it. Not as smooth. BUT, a friend of mine LOVED it. I trust her palette for good wine. She said that the night before she and her husband had been looking in their wine cellar for a wine to pair with Pork. They didn't find a good one, but after sampling the Paseo, she said that this would have been perfect. Another good food pairing: Dark Chocolate.

Wine 4: Stone Briar '02 (Old Vine Zinfandel)
Price: $11.99
Would I Buy It: Yes
Comments: Sweet and Smooth. Recommended as a great Pizza wine. Why not! Just because your dinner is casual doesn't mean your drink should be.

Wine 5: Meda Margherita, Moscato d'Asti '05
Price: $14.99
Would I Buy It: Yes!
Comments: Bubbly, sweet, soft, and delicious! Like I said, I'm a sweet wine drinker. This is like a sugary warm dessert. I loved it! Have it with lunch, dinner, or just after a long day. Sit on the porch and play some Jazz. I loved it!

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