Reader Review: The Pluckemin Inn

Sharon of Morristown submitted her review of the Pluckemin Inn-359 Route 202/206 South & Pluckemin Way, Bedminster NJ 07921, 908.658.9292

Casual yet elegant In addition to the eating areas & very attractive bar, there's an outside patio.

Extensive wine list. The wine cellar is built into the center of the building in a glass room that rises up between both floors.

  • Excellent & beautifully presented dinner. The service was great! The waitress was very knowledgeable. An assortment of rolls & other goodies was offered throughout the dinner. There was a choice of tap or bottled water.

  • Appetizer: [My husband] had the salad : Arugula, Treviso, Oregon Blue cheese, Rosemary scented cherries, hazelnut & Balsamic. A very healthy serving. I tasted it - it was great. I had a Smoked Salmon "Purse" stuffed with avocado, king crab, chipotle & cilantro. Excellent!

  • Dinner: both of us had Sea Scallops with a Squash Blossom stuffed with King Crab. Basil cream sauce on the side. No room for dessert.

  • The menu consisted of 4 types of foods: Raw, Salads & Hors D'oeuvres, Fish & Meats. There is also a tasting menu - with or without the accompanying wines.
It's pricey but wonderful for a special meal.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you had "no room for dessert"... they are much better than the food!

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