BlogCatalog Mass Buzz

I am a member at both the Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog. I like them both for different reasons. What I do like about Blog Catalog are the following:

  • Layout: The aesthetics are a bit better. The graphics are big and there is a good use of white space.
  • Featured Blogs: I like how you see a different featured blog with every refreshed page and little thumbnails of the different blog users.
  • Tags: On the main page, you can also click on various tags to take you directly to the blogs featuring that topic.
  • New and Recent: You also get to see newly added blogs in addition to the most popular blogs for that day.
  • Neighbors: Similar to a blog roll, you can check out blogs like your own on your profile page. They are called "Neighbors".
The Blog Catalog makes it easy to network and communicate with various users. It is a good way to get your own blog noticed and learn about other people.

Start blogging today!!!


steve said...

Can't believe how many people are taking part in the Buzz Experiment!

Nice blog by the way...


Mrs Mo said...

I know! I like mass projects like this!! I like your site too.

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