Where is Sewaren???

Sometimes I ponder about posts for my blog during my hour long commute to work every morning. When I head home, I always want to drive a new route or visit a new town, but when I get in the car(for another hour), the last thing I want is an extension on my drive.
This morning I saw a commercial van drive past me with the business located in
Sewaren. Aha! There's my post!! So...where is Sewaren?

Here are a few facts about
historic Sewaren:

  • Section of Woodbridge Township
  • 1900s-big beach resort
  • Identified as Pierce's Landing and Boynton Beach, occasionally called Woodbridge Beach
  • Location of PSEG Generating Station
  • Cliff Road-Mid 19th-Early 20th century homes
  • Passage way for tankers heading for various foreign shores

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