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I decided to give my Shout Out! this week to a loyal reader and an accomplished playwright/adapter.

Maria and Stefano have been gaining a huge support with their Baaaahhhh Project and have finally succeeded and bringing their dreams tot he stage. The Baaaahhh project story is hysterical and I can't wait to see it live! Click above to read for yourself.

I addition to having a way cool project and a huge fan following, Maria has been a loyal reader for me as I start out with my blog. I'm very happy to support her and as I said before, can't wait to see her play.

Baaaahhh will be performing at the Payan Theatrer from Sept. 3-Sept. 22

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Maria & Stefano said...

Oh my Goodnesss!!!
Thank you sooo much!!!
I love reading your blog, you have a fresh way to say things...and it's very informative;)

You're just sooo niceee I'm telling you...

I don't know if you live close to the city but if you wanna come to our Fundraising party with your hubby this friday just let me know...I would love to meet you:)

Thanks again so very much!!!


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