Gluten Free Goodies

Ever since I made the switch to Gluten-Free eating (I wish I thought of this sooner!!!), I have been on the hunt for food that is on the "okay to eat" list and still tastes good. I've actually found a lot of good food-primarily at Whole Foods Market, but I scored 2 deals at Wild Oats Market in Princeton (which is now owned by Whole Foods)

1) Mr Krispers Bakes Rice Krisps-Nacho ($2.49)

I don't eat a lot of nacho cheese chips, but it has a crisp and taste similar to Doritos, but not as powdery and fattening.

Click here for more about Mr Kispers products.

Pacific Rice Milk-Vanilla ($1.99 at Wild Oats, $2.69 at Whole Foods)

I was never a big fan of soy milk because of its heavy protein taste. I could only really tolerate fat-free soy milk with ice in it. Rice milk is lighter in flavor and body. It also DOESN'T CURDLE IN COFFEE LIKE SOY MILK DOES! That alone is enough of a selling point for me!

Click here for more Pacific products.

Click here for NJ Whole Foods locations
The only Wild Oats location is in Princeton, NJ

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