Hometown "Cheap Eats"!

Yay! The February issue of "New Jersey Monthly" featured Arthur's Tavern(Morris Plains) and the Morristown Deli(Morristown) as notable inexpensive places to dine for either hamburgers or sandwiches.

I remember that people would take the train into Morris Plains just for Arthur's. It stands out for it's black and white awnings. There is also a location in Hoboken, Lake Mohawk, North Brunswick, and Emerson. Be prepared to wait for a seat. It's always crowded. It's popular for families and business lunches. I know I always had their chicken salad dinner. Two scoops on a bed of iceberg lettuce with a piece of pumpernickel bread. But of course, the real attraction are the STEAKS!

The Morristown Deli is your classic deli/eatery where you can get counter meat/bread or sit down for a meal. Their breakfast menu is awesome. So many selections (though I usually just get an omelet). It's location is towards the end of South Street towards Calaloo Cafe and King's. And thankfully, there is ample parking.

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