Why go to the shore in September??

Rob and I recently took a 4-day vacation at his parent's beach house at LBI and can I tell you how nice it was being down there in September rather than during the summer....I will!
  • The weather is just as nice or even better than during the summer. Even though Tropical Storm Hanna was coming up the coast, we had 3 hot and sunny days.

  • The masses of teenagers and college students disappear since school is back in session.

  • The stores and restaurants are still open for another month and you can actually get a table in less than an hour!

  • You don't have to share the bike lane with like every third person in town.

  • The bay is quiet & calm so if you like to kayak or go boating, it's like you have a private body of water at your disposal.

  • In early Sept., people still go on vacation so it's not a complete ghost town.

  • End of Summer Sales!!!

  • Beaches are quieter and cleaner.

  • The parkway and turnpike are slightly easier to travel/less rubbernecking.

  • I don't know about other shore towns, but the speed limit on Long Beach Blvd goes UP!

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